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Mentawai Surfcamp Beng Beng Playground en Sumatra Occidental

Mentawai Playground beng beng surfcamp is GO HARD OR GO HOME SURF ADVENTURES buisness partner since 2014 providing a confortable place and also cheap trip surf mentawai.Our surfcamp exactly in front of Beng beng .There are 5 surfspots in our locations area,its about 30 to an half hour in walk distance.We Have electricity from 6 pm till 10 am everyday,fans,showers and a refrigerator for the coll drinks and beers,Fan in every rooms,Power jacks in every room for charging up your gadgets.At our surfcamp ,we have a food selections of local indonesian diseas,such as Nasi Goreng,Mie Goreng,Rendangand etc padangfood.We profide free drinking water,and local fruit,in the morning is free coffe and tea for our dear guest.

Located :
Nyang nyang -Pulau Masokut-Mentawai Playground Area

Surfbreaks :

Short Distance
-Beng beng

Long Distance:
-John Candy
-Krambak Left
-No Kandui/Pistol
-Baby Kandui

The Surf

Beng Beng=>
A very consistent world class wave, an extremely rippable left. This spot is loads of fun and probably one of the easiest waves to surf in the Mentawai's. It's the deepest and safest wave in the area and also pick up a bit more swell than other locales. 5 more breaks in the area, including E-Bay and Pitstops. Nestled inside a small bay with one of the most scenic views imaginable all around you.

This is a hollow left that barrels off the take-off with a short wall down the line. A great option when a lot of swell is hitting. A hollow, fast, powerful left. A world class wave for experienced surfers. Watch out for the two rocks on the inside. Great barrels, and turns into a surfing paradise at 6 feet offshore. There is a heavy warble that hits as you are taking off. Make the drop and don't get thrown by that first warble and chances are you'll get a mean aqua blue barrel. The scenery alone will blow you away. Besides its aesthetic beauty, double overhead E-bay is a beast and forces to be reckon with.

Nipussi or Pussies=>
A shorter right that breaks down the point from Bank Vaults. Definitely fun and rippable. Usually has fairly deep water from the takeoff to the inside. Ends in a riptide that sucks all the water back out to sea. A good option when there’s not much swell, and usually the most consistent spot in the area.

his is the right off the peak at E-Bay. A playful right that can offer some cover-ups off the take-off, but mostly a high performance wave with air sections at the end. Ends in a sandy channel.


This wave is an absolutely amazing right-hander when it gets good breaking in deep water in two different sections. It is the big wave of the area. Breaks in all tides but better with an incoming tide. At low tide it can be unforgiving. It can handles up to 15 feet. Great take off with a big barrel section at the end. It can be a classic Hawaiian style deep-water wave.

Accomodations And Rate
Doormitory Room
Room 1 = 6 paxs
Room 2 = 5 Paxs
Room 3 = 4 Paxs
1 Bungalow = 2 pax or couple

Rate 1


1 Persons 446 USD

2 Persons 336 USD

3 Persons 293 USD

4 Persons 271 USD

5 Persons 258 USD

6 Persons 250 USD

Rate for 7 days perpax minimum stay to issue at our surfcamp

Include :

- The rate 1 for 7 days stay at our bengbeng surfcamp 3 meals aday

- Speedboat Transfer Siberut -Surfcamp and Surfcam-Siberut Harbour


-Padang personal Expansess such a Hotel (our reckomand cottage in Padang)

-Transport Airport Arrival-Departure (Please inform Us your Arrival and departure to orgonise your transport and our body will greeting you at Padang at Aiport)

-Ferry Tickets Rerturn (Please inform us to issued your ferry tickets )

-Speedboat surfing to long distance

-Extra days 28 USD perperson include 3 meals

-Mentawai Tax

-Travel Insurance

Rate 2
Ratefor 7 Days per pax minimum stay to issue at our surfcamp


1 persons 1116 USD extradays 158 USD aday perpax

2 persons 651 USD extradays 93 USD aday perpax

3 persons 490 USD extradays 70 USD aday perpax

4 persons 420 USD extradays 60 USD aday perpax

5 persons 378 USD extradays 54 USD aday perpax

6 persons 343 USD extradays 49 USD aday perpax

Ratefor 7 Days per pax minimum stay to issue at our surfcamp

-Transport Arrival And departures Airport
- The rate 2 for 7 days stay at our bengbeng surfcamp 3 meals aday

- Speedboat Transfer and surfing to long distance


-Padang personal Expansess such a Hotel(our cottage in Padang )
-Ferry Tickets Rerturn (Please inform us to issued your ferry tickets )

-Extra days

-Mentawai Tax

-Travel Insurance

Fast Ferry

Padang to Mentawai Playground = Tuesday ,Thursday and Saturday at 07.00 am
Mentawai Playground to Padang=Tuesday ,Thursdayand Saturday at 03.00 pm

Overnite Ferry

Padang to Mentawai Playground = Wednesday and Friday at 17.00 pm
Mentawai Playground to Padang=Thursday and Saturday at 17.00 pm

Please contact us for booking and more info

Go Hard Or Go Home Surf Adventure
Indonesia Visas Consultant/Service Provider
Playground Surfcamp Partner and Co-Founder
Treasurer to Go Hard Or Go Home Surf Adventure
Mobile(whats app): +62 812 6770019
Phone and fax : +62 751 496127
Skype :gohardorgohomesurf.mentawai
Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
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