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Localización sumatera,Indonesia

How to reach the surf spots in krui south sumatra surf camp :

You just need 8 minutes (north) from krui mutun walur sur camp by motor bike to reach Krui Left, known for its mechanical barrels and forgiving reef.
On the other side of the small bay is Krui Right, which is not quite as forgiving but just as much fun.
The most famous wave in South Sumatra (krui) is Ujung Bocor, 40 minutes from krui mutun walur surf camp by motor bike .
25 minutes to the MANDIRI BEACH from krui mutun walur surf camp by motor bike.
An hour’s drive north will bring you to Honeysmacks, Jimmy’s and Jenny’s (not to mention all the waves in between). These provide alternative options on bigger swells.

Honey smacks/walur- Hollow thick, chunky left, suited to body boarders and experienced surfers.

Jimmy left and right- Two waves in this area a left off the south point and a right in the north end, both are heavy and hollow waves and only for experienced surfers.

Krui left- When on a quality left of average length offering some nice sections and a few barrels, suitable to most surfers, only negative is it needs a solid swell to get waves so normally is very small and inconsistent it can also get crowded due to it being a fun little wave and the fact when it does break most other spots are to big for the average joe.

Krui right- Another quality wave although rather short offers a good barrel from start to finish over reef and sand, also needs a very solid/big swell to start breaking and can get crowded easily due to the same reasons as Krui left.

Karang nyimbor/Ujung bocur- The most consistent spot and the main wave of focus in South sumatra, Karang nyimbour/Ombak bocur is a very long left, that changes with mood depending on swell size, direction and tide, perhaps not world class it's mostly a fun rippable left with wally sections, peeling section's crumbling lips and a few barrels thrown in the mix. ¿Tienes alguna duda?
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